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  1. What Do You Say Lyrics: Oh, my god, it's Becky Barnes / And Tom! / They go way back in time / I think they dated in high school / Yep, she was cheering him from the sidelines / Do they even recognize?
  2. What Do You Say? is a flexible and unique training program that provides the first words for dozens of realistic customer interactions. PROS Goes beyond customer service awareness training by offering specific, practical key words and phrases that employees can immediately apply on the job.
  3. What do you say (michael dulaney, neil thrasher) Stuck at a red light outside an adult bookstore His son said, daddy, what are all those x's for As the light turned green he changed the subject fast He started talkin' 'bout football as they drove right past. Chorus: What do you say in a moment like this When you can't find the words oh to tell.
  4. The right or power to influence or make a decision: Citizens have a say in the councils of government. All I want is some say in the matter. 3. Archaic Something said; a statement.
  5. what do you say的意思、解釋及翻譯:infml used for making a suggestion: 。了解更多。.
  6. what do you say definition: infml used for making a suggestion. Learn more.
  7. Paperback edition of this popular animal sounds book. With two quirky animals on every spread -- reading this book will never be quiet! Children and babies will love joining in with all the animal sounds and the final page with the question, 'What do you say to a /5(25).
  8. What do you say? Would you like to do this? Do you agree? I was thinking we could go to dinner in town, and maybe go see a movie afterward. What do you say? I think we would benefit from a new set of computers for our IT department. What do you say? See also: what What do you say? 1. Inf. Hello, how are you? Bob: What do you say, Tom? Tom: Hey, man. How.

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