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  1. solution definition: 1. the answer to a problem: 2. a liquid into which a solid has been mixed and has dissolved: 3. Learn more.
  2. Solution definition is - an action or process of solving a problem. How to use solution in a sentence.
  3. Solution - A solution is a mixture formed when a solid, liquid or gaseous substance is homogeneously mixed with a liquid. Likewise, a solvent is a substance in which another substance dissolves.
  4. A solution consists of a solute and a carifuneltidammepevihazager.xyzinfo solute is the substance that is dissolved in the solvent. The amount of solute that can be dissolved in solvent is called its carifuneltidammepevihazager.xyzinfo example, in a saline solution, salt is the solute dissolved in water as the solvent.
  5. Solution definition, the act of solving a problem, question, etc.: The situation is approaching solution. See more.
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  7. A solution to a problem or difficult situation is a way of dealing with it so that the difficulty is removed. Although he has sought to find a peaceful solution, he is facing pressure to use greater military force.
  8. Synonyms for solution in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for solution. 26 synonyms for solution: answer, resolution, key, result, solving, explanation, unfolding.

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