High Pitched Car Noises #1 - Various - Cool Beans! #12 (CD)

8 thoughts on “ High Pitched Car Noises #1 - Various - Cool Beans! #12 (CD)

  1. okt. , Motor makes unusual high pitched noise I've assembled my car now and when I start the engine, it makes this high pitched noise when its running, it gets worse if I try to accelerate.
  2. Mar 28,  · noise is good heck my maxx rig with a mamba max and a big ole outrunner fin***** thing is noisy lol Dead things dont speak living do = noise is good , PM.
  3. 1. Do you hear the noise when the engine is running and the vehicle not moving?2. Does the noise change with the engine speed?3. Is the noise heard only when the vehicle is put in gear?4. Is the noise heard only when the vehicle is being driven, and does it change with the speed of the vehic.
  4. Why is My Car Making a High Pitched Noise? Usually, high pitched noises like a squeak or a squeal are caused by your engine belts. The engine belts are typically made from a hard rubber and run on metal and plastic pulleys. If a pulley is misaligned or seized it will rub on the edge of the belt causing this squeaking or chirping.
  5. A humming, grinding or hissing car noise can end up costing you. These common car noises can spell trouble and cost a lot of money, especially if ignored. If your car makes noise when accelerating.
  6. 1. Engine knocking sounds. This noise is usually heard when you drive your car, change gear and accelerate. The sound seems as if something inside the engine is knocking hard against the engine. Usually this is the result of early ignition of the air-fuel mixture, which is supposed to burn at just the right time to produce optimum performance.
  7. Jun 25,  · It’s broken! It might be a stone stuck between brake disk and pad, which needs attention immediately before you wreck the disk. Or it might be summat more serious. Like a bearing or a broken retractor sprin.
  8. Dec 27,  · Hi, just recently I've been getting a high pitched whining type noise that seems to mostly be coming from my speakers when my radio is on.. I don't have a stock radio, I'm running an Alpine CDA headunit along with 4 focal access speakers run off of a JL Audio XD/ amp, and have a jl 12w7 subwoofer run off of a Boston Acoustics GTA m mono amp.

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